Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's Been Too Long!

Hi Everyone,

It has been too long since I have posted anything. Bruce is doing wonderful. He has been home for a while and his halo has been removed. He is in a neck brace and will be for the next few months. He is looking forward to returning to work this next school year. He has also had the chance to go to the school and participate in some of the year end parties. Everyday we see him getting stronger with more movement in his hands. Carolyn and Bruce bought a new van that Bruce is able to ride in and he enjoys getting out of the house. He has even taken a couple of fishing trips to Idaho. KC and Quinn are in the process of adding a ramp off of the driveway for Bruce to be able to go into the back yard. As you can see things are going well.

We are going to have a huge yard sale this Saturday at Bruce and Carolyn's. They have a lot of things they have been wanting to sale and now they need to sale them so Bruce has more mobility in his house and garage. The date is Saturday June 5th at 7:30 am - ???. 485 N 400 E Lindon. It should be a lot of fun. Spread the word. Bruce would love seeing friends and family!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 31, 2010

A lot has happened since I last wrote. (a month ago, so-o-o sorry) Our ward choir came and sang to us and filled Bruce's room with so much love. The spiritual message was so strong of our Savior's birth, life and love for us. Bruce and I wept of the love and knowledge of His love and joy for us. We were overcome by the number of ward choir members that came and sang to us. We were surrounded by a 'Choir of Angels'! Their voices rang out the Christmas message! We felt their love and prayers for Bruce. It was one of the spiritual highs that we will NEVER forget!!!
Our Christmas Eve party was held at the hospital. Uncle Ron arranged Santa to come and we had a party! It was the first time that Bruce was able to sit up in his chair and be surrounded by 14 grandchildren, extended family and friends. It was Kallon's (KC and Heidi's new baby) first time to see his Papa. We had a lot of food, a wonderful program that the grandchildren provided and most of all a lot of love.
Our Christmas is one we'll never forget. We experienced so much love, it made Christmas have a whole new meaning. We received so many cards & flowers, visits from family and friends, and the hospital staff was amazing.
New years Eve was quiet and came in softly.
A few weeks before Christmas our children, extended family and friends started remodeling the main level of our home. Doorways were widen, closets & walls were moved and adding beautiful archway, carpet floors replaced by tile, new paint and textures to the walls, plumbing, heating and electrical changes were made, a wheel chair metal ramp to get into the house, beautiful cabinets added with marble tops and the bathroom is one that one would dream of. A lot of work!!!!! With wife's sacrificing their husbands (Dawn & Heidi)..... Son in law Spencer..... Sons (David, KC, and Quinn) and daughters (Mindy & Michelle) giving so much time and work, a labor of love. Brothers (Mike, Gary, Doug, Steve, & Ron). Nephews (Gary John Bezzant, Brandon Wall, Phillip Mikelauski, Scott Bezzant, Josh Bezzant, & Jared Lindstrom). Cousin (Randy Wall). Home Teachers (Garth Oberhansly, & Dee Freeman). Visiting Teacher (Deanne Helquist). Brother Dean Adams and Brother Gary Green, Brother Shawn Madsen and Brother Mark Brown. Plumbing (Kelly's Plumbing); Carpenter (Dave Adams); Heating & Air conditioning (Jared Lindstoms); Tile (Mark Brown); Painting and Wall Texture (Lynn Seely); Electrical (Bridger Dain); Metal Ramp (Ron Walsh, US Steel & Brad Byland) Cabinets (Shawn Madsen). Many meals were brought in by ward members, neighbors and family for the workers. Many ward sisters came and cleaned up the construction mess and there were 10 frozen dinners brought in by the sister to welcome Bruce home!! So many acts of love and service!!! Many, many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
The last two and a half weeks at the hospital Carolyn stayed 24 hours. There is a lot to learn to help Bruce with his needs. She should of became a nurse! Bruce was released Jan 6th. Almost 2 months from the accident.
Our remodeling wasn't done when the hospital released Bruce. Bruce's mother next door neighbor, Leela West offered Bruce and Carolyn her home because she is now residing in an assisted living home. It was very convenient for them. All their needs were being provided for them. Meals were brought in for every meal!!! Carolyn and Bruce are getting spoiled!!!!!!
We are home and it seems like it has been forever ago. Transitions are becoming part of our new life. Each day brings new surprises. Like Bruce said, "We're looking up!"
We really want to express a heart full of thanks to all of the angels that have given part of their time, talents and love to us. To our children and spouses... thank-you for your service, love & devotion!!! You're our greatest joy. Thank-you to extended family, ward family, & friends for your time, talents & $$$$'s that you shared.
Bruce loves having visitors. Afternoon is best. Please call before coming. Our doorbells are not working to well! (ha, ha!)

Posted by Bruce and Carolyn

Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday, Decmeber 14, 2009

It has been over a week since we blogged. A lot has happened. KC and Heidi received a beautiful bundle of joy on November 22nd. Kallon Bruce Bezzant. He was 19 inches long and 6 pounds 15 ounces. His due date was December 17 (Great Grandpa Walls Birthday) . He came early and his lungs weren't quite ready for life. Kallon is doing really good. He and Grandpa (Bruce) got their pick lines and their feeding tubes out the same day. They were both in ICU together, except at different hospitals. Thank you for your fasting and prayers. It really worked. We are being blessed without measure. Literally the windows of heaven are pouring blessing down and we thank all of our angels. In December Ensign Pres. Kimball said,"God does notice us and he watches over us. But is is usually though another person that he meets our needs..."
Many of you have asked about Bruce's mobility. Presently he is classified as a quadriplegic because he can't control or use his finger tips. He can use his arms. We can see improvement daily and we've been told that can change because his spinal chord injury (SCI) is healing slowly. With the trauma he sustained in the 15-20 foot fall, it can take 2 years to heal. We are taking one day at a time. Bruce is working really hard in physical therapy and progress is being made. He cannot feel feel pain and he cannot feel from his chest down. He is unable to move his legs at this time. Bruce's neck was broken at C7 and T1 vertebra. His spinal chord was not severed so SCI is healing. Right now anything below C7 vertebrae does not work. It can through a slow healing process.
There is a big difference between ICU and physical therapy. Bruce is on a regular schedule starting at 8 in the morning until 5 at night (and so is Carolyn). She is being taught how to assist Bruce. She is so grateful that Bruce is a patient and happy man. Last Wednesday a nurse was transferring Bruce from his bed to a wheelchair. They put a harness (like a hammock) around Bruce. Then hydraulically they lifted Bruce off of his bed and put him in his wheelchair. The nurse didn't have things lined up and was pushing Bruce forward when the lift came crashing down and Bruce fell on his face. He tried to break his fall with his hands, one of which was broken the original fall. Carolyn had just left the hospital and missed the excitement. The doctor called and told her on the phone and then let her talk to Bruce. All upset, she asked if he was all right. He said, "My hands and head hurt but I think I have some loose screws." Bruce's halo saved the day and it does have a lot of screws around it. The hospital did two CT scans and x-rays, free for that day. Bruce's spine and head are still lined up with no new injury other than anxiety, bumps and bruises. Again we are so blessed. The next day Bruce had the same new nurse and Carolyn said, "Oh no, we got the dingbat. I'll try to be nice." Bruce told her that the nurse came to him and asked for his forgiveness which he did. Bruce told Carolyn that she needed to forgive him also. Again Bruce is assisting Carolyn to grow a little taller. She sure loves her man.
On Sunday they had a fun experience. Bruce told Carolyn that the nurses were going to put him in a swimming pool. She asked why and he said that they were going to give him a bath. Carolyn said, "Bruce you can't get you breastplate of you halo wet. How are they going to do that?" He said,"I don't know but they'll figure that out." It has been six weeks of bed baths. The nurses came in. Carolyn said,"I should have brought my swim suit. The nurses looked a little funny. The nurse Kaylee said, "I'll go get you some scrubs." Carolyn looked at her funny and thought wearing scrubs into the swimming pool would be different. Then they wheeled in a bed with a big blue boat on it. The sides were about 12 inches high. They adjusted the bed and transferred Bruce straight across into the blue boat. Carolyn said, "Are you going to put that into a swimming pool." They said, "A swimming pool? We are just going into the shower." We all had a good laugh.
When he came to the hospital he was 294 pounds and now he his 257. Wow, we have another biggest loser.
This week is Bruce and Carolyn's 34th wedding anniversary. They were married December 19, 1975. There is a room at the hospital that has an extra bed. Carolyn will get to stay overnight and practice all of the training she has medically received. This includes moving Bruce every 2 hours to avoid bed sores, which is the leading cause of death with quadriplegics. Also, helping him to the bathroom every four hours. If she get into trouble she can call the nurses for help and they can give her additional training. It is really great because it will help transition them from hospital to home life. Bruce will be able to come home a couple of times before his final move home just to work out all of the kinks with transitioning. They think of everything!
This Wednesday demolition will start on the home to make it "Bruce proof." The bathroom and bedroom will be remodeled and a ramp will be installed.
On Christmas Eve we will get to have a party with Bruce which everyone is looking forward to. It will be a lot of fun.
Finally, we want to thank the angels that have given Carolyn and Bruce flowers, balloons, and cleared the snow off of the driveway.

Merry, Merry Christmas!
Love Bruce and Carolyn and Family

P.S. I miss my Marinello Girls and Co-workers!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Carolyn and Bruce have asked that we also extend tomorrows fast to include KC and Heidi's baby. He was delivered a couple of weeks ago and is still in the NICU. Thank you for all of your love and prayers.
Bruce is able to have visitors all day on Sundays. It is his day off from PT. You do not need a code to get into the Rehab unit but will need a code to get out. Someone will let you know what it is at the hospital.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

It has been a while and we apologize. Bruce is now out the the ICU and in Rehab. It looks like he is going to be sent home in a few weeks if all goes as planned. He will continue his physical therapy from home.
We are truly grateful for all of the prayers and words of encouragement from family and friends. This Sunday is the first Sunday of December. We would like to hold a special fast on behalf of Bruce and his recovery, specifically regarding the movement of his body. Thank you in advance for all of the support.
Bruce is now able to have visitors after 5 p.m. He loves having visits but we ask that the visits be short. Bruce is now spending a good portion of the day in physical therapy and is extremely tired at the end of the day. The hospital has restrictions on age. No one under the age of 14 is allowed in the hospital and only 2 visitors in the room at a time.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


We have many blessings to be grateful for....

1. WE are one day closer to being better!
2. Priesthood blessings gives us strength & calms our troubled hearts.
3. Heavenly Father knows and loves us. He is helping us get through these challenging times.
4. Through your prayers and faith we receive blessings from Him.
5. We are grateful for having a good outlook on life. And we know Bruce will be alright where ever we end up.
6. We are grateful we have each other, our children, and our wonderful family and friends!!
7. We are grateful to have had great employment and for the many lives that have touched us for good. We hate to have that story end, but we are looking forward to another page & see where we end up in our next book.
8. We are grateful for our parents and their examples.
9. Thank You to the many angels on earth & above that make our days brighter. (Our leaves have been raked and bagged up. Our trash containers have been taken out. The food and many get well cards that have been sent. And all of the help with shingling the roof!) THANK YOU!
10. For the modern day technology and the many doctors, nurses, radiologists, respiratory and physical therapists. Thank you for studying and preparing to assist so many individuals with different needs!

"Experiences make us who we are..." President Spencer W. Kimble


Bruce's condition is starting to stabilize. His lungs are looking a lot better. And his enzymes are coming down, but are still pretty high. A few more days and I think we will be out of ICU. Bruce is working very hard with the physical therapist... but we still have a long journey ahead of us. Thank you for all of your prayers- WE LOVE YOU!!

Bruce & Carolyn

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sorry about the long break between posts. It has been a great week and there is a lot to catch everyone up on.
Tuesday through Thursday Bruce needed to have his lung inflated. They had him breath through a by-pap which is like breathing with 100 mph wind velocity hitting you in the face. The by-pap filled his torso with air. This made Bruce look 11 months pregnant. He didn't like that! He lung is still deflated and he has the beginning stages of pneumonia with fluid in lungs. Thankfully there is not any infection in the lungs.
The pancreas and liver work together and the doctors don't know why his are not functioning properly. It could be the by-pap pushed too much air into his torso bruising the organs or it was an overdose of narcotic pain killers. They're working on it. He has a blood clot in his right leg but that's not a concern. At the time of surgery an umbrella screen was placed to block blood clots so they can't travel to a major organ and cause problems. Bruce is also still carrying a low grade fever.
Thursday night Bruce became and angel without wings. He finally got his halo. Carolyn asked him how he felt and he said, "like nuts and bolts." With assistance Bruce is able to spend a little time sitting up with his feet hanging over the side of his bed.
As soon as his organs are working properly, Bruce will be moved to intermediate care.
Thanks for your prayers.