Thursday, November 26, 2009


We have many blessings to be grateful for....

1. WE are one day closer to being better!
2. Priesthood blessings gives us strength & calms our troubled hearts.
3. Heavenly Father knows and loves us. He is helping us get through these challenging times.
4. Through your prayers and faith we receive blessings from Him.
5. We are grateful for having a good outlook on life. And we know Bruce will be alright where ever we end up.
6. We are grateful we have each other, our children, and our wonderful family and friends!!
7. We are grateful to have had great employment and for the many lives that have touched us for good. We hate to have that story end, but we are looking forward to another page & see where we end up in our next book.
8. We are grateful for our parents and their examples.
9. Thank You to the many angels on earth & above that make our days brighter. (Our leaves have been raked and bagged up. Our trash containers have been taken out. The food and many get well cards that have been sent. And all of the help with shingling the roof!) THANK YOU!
10. For the modern day technology and the many doctors, nurses, radiologists, respiratory and physical therapists. Thank you for studying and preparing to assist so many individuals with different needs!

"Experiences make us who we are..." President Spencer W. Kimble


Bruce's condition is starting to stabilize. His lungs are looking a lot better. And his enzymes are coming down, but are still pretty high. A few more days and I think we will be out of ICU. Bruce is working very hard with the physical therapist... but we still have a long journey ahead of us. Thank you for all of your prayers- WE LOVE YOU!!

Bruce & Carolyn


  1. So good to hear things are slowly progressing. We are praying for you daily, I love listening to children pray, especially when you know their faith is so strong, and they don't "know" the realtives they are praying for...hang in there, our thoughts and prayers.

  2. Mr. Bezzant,
    We continue to think about you and pray for your speedy recovery. Jaden often comments: "Mr. Bezzant said... or Mr. Bezzant does..." Your influence has latched onto our hearts. Bless you.

    Caroline and Jaden Jones

  3. Thank you for letting us know you have a Blog.
    We are so grateful for this news....but especially grateful to learn that Bruce is progressing, one day at a time, toward getting well. Our love & prayers are with you every day, Bruce....and Happy Birthday to Carolyn tomorrow, December 4!!!! We hope that Bruce will soon be home from the hospital. May the Lord bless you, Bruce & Carolyn, and your darling family. Love, Mike & Irene