Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 31, 2010

A lot has happened since I last wrote. (a month ago, so-o-o sorry) Our ward choir came and sang to us and filled Bruce's room with so much love. The spiritual message was so strong of our Savior's birth, life and love for us. Bruce and I wept of the love and knowledge of His love and joy for us. We were overcome by the number of ward choir members that came and sang to us. We were surrounded by a 'Choir of Angels'! Their voices rang out the Christmas message! We felt their love and prayers for Bruce. It was one of the spiritual highs that we will NEVER forget!!!
Our Christmas Eve party was held at the hospital. Uncle Ron arranged Santa to come and we had a party! It was the first time that Bruce was able to sit up in his chair and be surrounded by 14 grandchildren, extended family and friends. It was Kallon's (KC and Heidi's new baby) first time to see his Papa. We had a lot of food, a wonderful program that the grandchildren provided and most of all a lot of love.
Our Christmas is one we'll never forget. We experienced so much love, it made Christmas have a whole new meaning. We received so many cards & flowers, visits from family and friends, and the hospital staff was amazing.
New years Eve was quiet and came in softly.
A few weeks before Christmas our children, extended family and friends started remodeling the main level of our home. Doorways were widen, closets & walls were moved and adding beautiful archway, carpet floors replaced by tile, new paint and textures to the walls, plumbing, heating and electrical changes were made, a wheel chair metal ramp to get into the house, beautiful cabinets added with marble tops and the bathroom is one that one would dream of. A lot of work!!!!! With wife's sacrificing their husbands (Dawn & Heidi)..... Son in law Spencer..... Sons (David, KC, and Quinn) and daughters (Mindy & Michelle) giving so much time and work, a labor of love. Brothers (Mike, Gary, Doug, Steve, & Ron). Nephews (Gary John Bezzant, Brandon Wall, Phillip Mikelauski, Scott Bezzant, Josh Bezzant, & Jared Lindstrom). Cousin (Randy Wall). Home Teachers (Garth Oberhansly, & Dee Freeman). Visiting Teacher (Deanne Helquist). Brother Dean Adams and Brother Gary Green, Brother Shawn Madsen and Brother Mark Brown. Plumbing (Kelly's Plumbing); Carpenter (Dave Adams); Heating & Air conditioning (Jared Lindstoms); Tile (Mark Brown); Painting and Wall Texture (Lynn Seely); Electrical (Bridger Dain); Metal Ramp (Ron Walsh, US Steel & Brad Byland) Cabinets (Shawn Madsen). Many meals were brought in by ward members, neighbors and family for the workers. Many ward sisters came and cleaned up the construction mess and there were 10 frozen dinners brought in by the sister to welcome Bruce home!! So many acts of love and service!!! Many, many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
The last two and a half weeks at the hospital Carolyn stayed 24 hours. There is a lot to learn to help Bruce with his needs. She should of became a nurse! Bruce was released Jan 6th. Almost 2 months from the accident.
Our remodeling wasn't done when the hospital released Bruce. Bruce's mother next door neighbor, Leela West offered Bruce and Carolyn her home because she is now residing in an assisted living home. It was very convenient for them. All their needs were being provided for them. Meals were brought in for every meal!!! Carolyn and Bruce are getting spoiled!!!!!!
We are home and it seems like it has been forever ago. Transitions are becoming part of our new life. Each day brings new surprises. Like Bruce said, "We're looking up!"
We really want to express a heart full of thanks to all of the angels that have given part of their time, talents and love to us. To our children and spouses... thank-you for your service, love & devotion!!! You're our greatest joy. Thank-you to extended family, ward family, & friends for your time, talents & $$$$'s that you shared.
Bruce loves having visitors. Afternoon is best. Please call before coming. Our doorbells are not working to well! (ha, ha!)

Posted by Bruce and Carolyn


  1. I am so glad to hear that Mr Bezzant is doing better. Emma still includes him in every prayer. Please convey to him the love and concern she has had for him and his family. You certainly seem to have an amazing support group surrounding your family. God bless :)

  2. How is Bruce doing? I haven't heard much lately. I wanted you to know I was thinking of you. I have been busy with school and life. Tends to keep going...I feel the love of God in my life. I know he is watching over us. thinking of you....